Why Choose Us?

For over 100 years, Ineeda Cleaners has been answering the call for a professional and reliable service to customers throughout the Hutchinson, Kansas area. All these years, we have been providing our customers with the best laundry products and courteous laundry care that leaves them looking and feeling their best.

We don’t just clean clothes. We can also clean bedding, leather, drapes and curtains, wedding dresses, formal attire, or anything else you want cleaned.


We understand what it’s like to keep a family’s clothes and all the home’s linens clean all the year through. It’s a lot of work, yet we are happy to do it. Whether you need personal laundry services, commercial laundry, dry cleaning, or delivery service, we will always come through for you.


Owners Chris and Rachel Nelson pledge that, “Our goal is to provide the BEST service to our customers and stable careers for our employees. We want our customers to LOVE to do business with us. We offer a value equation that includes convenience, and fair prices for our services, and unmatched quality.”