Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services

Ineeda Cleaners has been in business over 100 years cleaning clothes and household items in Hutchinson and the surrounding areas. It is a valuable process to keep clothes looking newer longer, holding shape better, and excellent stain remover. Weddings, proms, graduations and many other occasions need Ineeda Cleaners to showcase style and polished looks.

Save time and energy for more productivity in your life or for just plain FUN! We can wash, dry, fold your personal laundry for only $1.25 per LB when you join our laundry club. Membership in the club is $10.00 and you receive a personalized laundry tote. As a family owned business, we know about running out of time and getting behind on household chores, let Ineeda Cleaners take laundry off your To Do List!! Ineeda Cleaners can also enhance your home!! We can clean and refresh all your bedding, linens, table clothes, and drapes. Just check out the care label of your items to see if it needs dry cleaned or laundered and we can take it from there. Nothing feels more satisfying than to have those household items clean and refreshed.

Home Delivery, commercial laundry services, and linen rental are offered by request. Call Rachel Nelson
at (620) 663-5688